Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Twist your mysteries around my life
Not there at all standing only here
Your barriers obscure the paths
Before me and the paths behind
Unmarked voyage uncharted territory

Bewildered and afraid I stand trembling
Within your walls of mystery
Should I trust my right hand?
Placing it just so and follow only right
Or should I trust my left where it may lead

Chance could be I trust the middle
Casting lots at each turn
Closing my eyes I no longer see you
Nor your confining walls of confusion
Turning north, south, east or west

Can there ever be a middle ground
Within your many turns and twists
Where there seems to be no wind
Narrow towering walls prevent even the sound
Oh, Labyrinth your mysteries remain unknown

Many have tread upon this path
While pondering the same
Each turn, each corner, so familiar
Many have faded into your relentless heart
Unattainable prize obscured by only the moment

How many have dared to walk
Upon your lofty walls tangled in eagles wings
Dared to rise above the choice
Above the tangled maze obstructing hope
Craving to know your hidden secrets

Dancing upon your towering walls
I have dared to feel the wind
I have dared to hear the music
Exhilarating, passionate life fainting not
The journey well worth the risk

by Lucinda Bilya 
Copyright 2005

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