Wednesday, May 4, 2011


by  Anna Hodges

Books have been written about it. I have received wonderful devotional emails about it, but has anyone ever really tried to imagine how The Rapture might feel? I was inspired to reflect on what we might feel physically and emotionally while being whisked up to Heaven on that wonderful day of Jesus’ return for His church.

God’s Word does not give details; it only says (1 Cor. 15:52 KJV) that it will happen “in the twinkling of an eye”. All believers alive at the time will instantly transform and transport to Heaven! I read that a twinkle is faster than a sparkle, so it is difficult to comprehend. Will it tickle our stomachs? Will it take our breath away, and will we feel a whoosh of air on our skin as we fly skyward? Maybe a twinkle is too quick for us to feel anything, but who knows?

We probably will not feel our clothes drop off our bodies, or hear our jewelry jingle to the floor. By the way, who out there has not given some thought to the idea of those left behind wearing our jewelry and taking our stuff? Of course, we will have no concern for those matters then.

What about when we pass through the clouds? Will they feel wet and soft against our skin? I wonder if we will have time to take a bite of one and see if it tastes like cotton candy. I remember looking at the clouds as a child and thinking they must taste yummy.

Once we arrive, it will undoubtedly bring a flood of joyful tears when we look into the eyes of Jesus for the first time. Will we be able to control (or will we even want to) our great delight when united with friends and loved ones who went home before us? Just try to imagine the feelings of glee and praise when we meet those we have witnessed to and they gave their lives to God.

Although it is difficult to see in our mind's eye the wonderful sights, and try to feel in our humanly body the experience of The Rapture, it is fun to consider. I know I may take a different journey to the other side before this tremendous event occurs. However, I would much prefer to feel the butterflies tickling my tummy in a "twinkling" when I leave this world.

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