Saturday, February 12, 2011


by Spike Ruiz

On murky shores by cloudy seas
With skies an ever dismal gray
Two sleepy eyes awaken slowly
To see a world in disarray

To see a world covered in night
Her shaky legs now find a stance
Her mind bewildered and perplexed
And frightened by the dark's advance

Surrounded by this horrid scene
Of those she recognized and loved
Her sweaty palms now find their place
As weapons that push back when shoved

Now walking thru this darkened place
Her heart now racing fast and strong
Her mind made up, she must avenge
This world she's cared for oh so long

Her gaze peers down the blackened streets
The sky above sounds with thunder's crack
She sees her enemy ahead
And wonders if she's coming back

The heavens mourning with her now
The rain and tears are falling down
The tower standing in her way
Must now be stricken to the ground

Spike Ruiz is a gifted writer, singer,
and musician from Albuquerque, NM


  1. Great work JM! Love it.

  2. Very nice. Where is part two? This seems like a great start to a story I want to read.