Tuesday, February 15, 2011


by Spike Ruiz

The wind is scraping at her face
As her feet now move with haste
The twenty men who stood before her
All have now been laid to waste

The black door is all that remains in her way
Her grip now tightens on her sword
She kicks the door wide open 
And determination moves her forward

A new opponent shows himself
A challenge now does he propose
Her bloodstained blade now resolute
To slay him like her other foes

A clash of steel, a flare of sparks
A brutal blow, a swiftly slash
The battle fierce, but now is over
The challenger disposed in a flash

Her skin like snow, her eyes like jade
Now spattered with vermillion blood
Her final steps to the towers top 
Are covered in this crimson flood

The final door open at last
The final enemy at hand
This woman, warrior and beast
Will destroy this tower and take her land

Spike Ruiz is a gifted writer, singer, and
musician from Albuquerque, NM


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  1. Thanks Spike for the second part of this intriguing story. Hang on folks, there's more to come!