Friday, February 18, 2011


By Terry Michaels

This is war! Over 76 million American hostages suffer at the hands of this vexing villain, three quarters of these also battle depression. Added to these sad and startling statistics, many suffer loss of sleep, loss of focus and loss of work, which ultimately results in loss of income. This foul foe has long been described as ‘chronic pain.’ It does not discriminate when attacking. The dreadful devil goes after anyone. It targets all areas of the body, even hitting below the belt. It has violated more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined. 

‘Pain in the Offering’ is not another self-help manual with "quick, easy steps" to wellness. Yet, it is sure to lift the spirits of those who have had their fill of them. Each chapter is brief, inspiring and enjoyable. The reader can expect ‘motivational talks’ as opposed to a litany of ‘how to’ lectures. Rather than take a dry clinical approach to the topic, Michaels’ identifies with the reader by sharing his personal struggles with pain. He discusses the ups, downs, hurts and heartbreaks, along with what gets him through each day, namely faith in God.

Michaels speaks in moving and motivational language from the unique perspective of a fellow sufferer. Because of this, the message of hope resonates personally and powerfully.

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Terry Michaels, author of "Pain in the Offering"
BIO: Terry Michaels has had the privilege of serving in ministry for many years. He worked extensively with youth at Calvary Chapel San Bernardino in California and Calvary Chapel Siegen in Germany. Terry also served as founding pastor of Calvary Chapel of the Springs in San Marcos, Texas and currently pastors at Calvary Austin. Terry also has a background in broadcasting. He worked as a radio personality in California area markets such as Palm Springs, San Bernardino/Riverside and Mendocino. He is author of four books. Terry resides with his wife, Christy, in Austin. They have two daughters and a granddaughter.

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