Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Wandering Wonderer

"It's time. And this is the place. The place I have searched for all along, though I never dreamed what it would be until I blinked, and there it was.

I was all but certain I would find it here, as far away from yesterday as I could travel, virtually to the ends of the earth. In a few months it will still not be far enough away, but for now, for a while, it will do. It will do."

-The Wandering Wonderer


  1. Hi there, EF! I am glad to see you here. I'm part of your LinkedIn group. Good story!

  2. It will do ... your words 'more than do.'

  3. I love the repetition, and the image of a wanderer, making a temporary home, then moving on. so powerful