Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Life Within

The Life Within

The outer shell where I exist?
They only see what they believe
But when they scrutinize
with natural eyes
tis not what they perceive

The beauty of the skin
masquerades the life within
that no one else can see,
sometimes not even me

The allure of the shell could never compare
to the invisible glory of the heart
Deep inside, locked away somewhere;
I am free in the deepest part . . .


  1. "the allure of the shell"-- wonderful. A beautiful take on the prompt! xxxj

  2. I just looked at your titles-- a fascinating list. Would you take a look at the memoir I've posted online? I'm looking for the right publisher-- you might like it! http://nightfallinverona.blogspot.com --xxxj

  3. The shell is a fitting emblem for the appearance/reality or inner/outer life dilemma so many people experience. Cheers.

  4. Very nice. I enjoyed the rhyming pattern here.

  5. Profound on so many levels ... a must read for young folks preparing to take on the world.

  6. Good to see the use of rhyme and structure.