Thursday, February 10, 2011


By .EF Clark
Hello fellow fledging future Hemingways!
Welcome to writercamp.
No, it's not the type of camp with snakes or canoes.
You won't need sunscreen or flashlights or mosquito repellent.
And you're not required to sing Kumbayah.

At writercamp, all you need is a creative way with words.
Even if you don't believe you are that great at writing, it's all for fun and always free.
Invite your friends, cousins, or great-grand-peeps to share in this exciting adventure of cyber expression.

Break out that imaginary wooden stool (you know, the one that's way too narrow with the faded mossy green canvas seat and wobbly folding maple legs that sink in the mud). Stake your place by the fire.
Just don't burn any books, and we'll get along fine.

Send me one of your short stories. Send me poems.
Keep it clean and 500 words or less and I'll publish them right here! There's a place for comments, photos, ads, the whole nine yards.
So if you have written (or have ever wanted to write) stories, articles, poems, or commentary, here's your chance to share with the world.

This is also an excellent way to showcase your website or full length book. Send a link where it can be purchased and I'll post it no charge.
I will not change anything without your approval and all intellectual property rights belong to you.
Include a mugshot if you like. Share it with your social network friends, and we're on our way!

I've always been the brave and crazy one!

To contribute your work: 
Send your story, thoughts, insights (500 words or less) to:
Let's chart a course for a literal adventure at writercamp!
It's gonna be a wild ride.



  1. testing testing 123

  2. Wow, what a great idea Eddie! And it's been far too long, how are ya?!

  3. this is interesting

    found it lying around over there in Linkedin where we are having a blast trying to answer your question about "I write, therefore..."

    I am hunting for my shovel now to go dig up something to contribute.